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Restaurants Planet
Restaurants Planet is a web directory of all the Nepalese restaurants worldwide, yellow page of restaurants of Nepal, complete worldwide restaurants directory, free online restaurant directory, Nepalese Restaurants Directory, Restaurant Directory, Free listing of restaurants in Nepal, free url submission of your business.
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Freelance Web Designer Nepal
Whether you’re a start-up considering a new website or an established business exploring the ways you can optimise your online presence, I can help. My expertise spans the many different facets of a web project – from design and front end development to CMS – so if you need skills in
Views : 734
Softech Foundation
Software company of Nepal - software development nepal, web development nepal, website development nepal, seo and promotion nepal, website design company nepal, website developer company nepal, web developer company nepal, software developer company nepal,nepal government website,nepal government application development.
Views : 697
Coredreams Innovations Pvt Ltd
coredreams is web design and web development company in nepal
Views : 678
Ellipse Institute of Information Technology
Ellipse Institute was founded in 2010 and has since helped over 100,000 students to get the IT qualifications that they desired. We are the longest standing IT trainer in Kathmandu, Nepal and are proud that we are able to make it possible and affordable for everyone to study.
Views : 562
Mata Astha Laxmi Electronics Suppliers Pvt. Ltd.
We are whole sale All over Nepal suppliers of Electronics Components such as like Resistor, Capacitors, Pf Capacitors, IC, Gate IC(7400), Timer IC(NE555N), OP-AMP IC (LM324N, 741) and Micro Controller, DSP micro Controller, Transformer, EI type Core and many more.
Views : 511
Techno Pasal
Techno Pasal offers the unique techno gadgets products which are not available in the market and will be available at an affordable with home delivery.
Views : 492
Sublime International Pvt. Ltd.
Sublime International is an emerging company serving your electronic needs. our products are CCTV cameras(Analog, HD and IP) Bio-metric System Fire extinguisher IT solutions With our variety of products to choose from and vastly skilled sales and support team, Sublime is the definitive choice.
Views : 492
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