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Axle Pvt. Ltd.

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Axle Pvt. Ltd.
Description :
Welcome to Axle. Wondering who we are ? Simply, the term "axle" itself gives you a meaning that connects something. Yes, Axle i.e. we work here to connect your consumer and your business. And then, be a rope towards the virtual world. Our main perception is to introduce the significance of ICT in Nepalese market and help to cope up the Nepalese market on international platform. We believe that IT is the most powerful tool for business . And, want to ensure others as well and make a new beginning towards innovation and technologies. So, wisely choosing every steps, we work to the optimum level of our height and engross you in our creativity and and build confidence that you can rely on us. Innovative computer enthusiasts individuals who truly believe the perks of technology.
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Address :
Jawalakhel, GPO 3259
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