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Alfresco Adventure Travel

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Alfresco Adventure Travel
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Alfresco Adventure Travel (P) Ltd is waiting to provide you the best holiday package in the mystic valley of Kathmandu amidst the undulating terrains of mountainous country Nepal. For the past one decade, Alfresco Adventure Travel has been catering service to hundreds of tourists in hot pursuit of caressing moments with nature, as per its name. It makes your travel a complete holiday with elements of your imagination. The snowcapped mountains, undulating green hills, meandering blue rivers, along with biodiversity and the most hospitable people seen as ever- smiling faces to the visitors- all stand testimony to its long known name of Shangri-La. The company established by a team of professionals involved in tourism for a long time, we commit to providing a home away from home. A team of hospitable and professional smiling faces is ready to welcome and escort you through recreational activities
Phone :
1-4420840, 98510 49483
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Address :
Thamel, Kathmandu
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