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Nepo Finishing Industry

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Nepo Finishing Industry
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Nepo finishing industry is one of the leading manufacturing and supplier of furniture in Nepal. Been established for over 25 years, have employed over 30 permanent staffs and continuously growing. Working to design and build a better world around you. Focusing on our core principles of providing quality custom furniture designs across Nepal, which made us become one of the leading trusted experts in the industry. We worked with premium hotels, residences and helped refurbish government offices, business institutions, colleges, and hospitals; for example, Chitwan Hospital, Bharatpur Metropolitan City Offices, Nepal Investment Banks to name a few. We collaborated with several focused brand for our import collections such as Supreme, Geeken and Spacewood. Our Products: Office Furniture Storage and Security Solution Hotel Home Garden & Outdoor Décor Hospitals
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Mainroad, Narayangarh, Chitwan
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