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Manu Sharma

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Manu Sharma
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Global Leaders in the School Science Lab Supplies and Scientific Resource Industry, ScienceLab is based in India and is serving Schools, Colleges and Universities in over 110+ Countries .We develop and sell science equipment and laboratory supplies. We supply educational scientific laboratory instruments lab supplies and equipment used in Schools, Universities, Colleges, Home Schools and Labs. These equipments are used in physics / physical science, chemistry and biology labs as well as in general labs. Why choose ScienceLab for your Lab Equipments? ScienceLab is a leading Science Lab Equipment, Biology Lab Equipment and Laboratory Equipment Supplier offering a vital range of all kinds of scientific lab appliances. We are the most prominent manufacturer of all varieties of High School and Middle School Lab Instruments. Clients, who are looking for High School Science Experiment Kits, they are welcome to contact us. Being a best Science Lab Equipment Manufacturer, we provide all the necessary apparatus and high school science kits for different experiments.
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1226/1-5, Bengalli Mohalla Ambala Cantt
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